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Think Before You Drink

Introducing World’s Most Advanced Straw
and these straws has facilitated in Raising $1.8 Million in a Kickstarter Campaign: the James Bond of straws-shaken, not stirred.
Be the Solution to Water POLLUTION.

A Marine Conservation Biologist Christine Figgener shared a Video of a turtle writhing with his life following a plastic straw stuck in his nose. Figgener and her team removed the straw and uploaded the video, never imagining that it would resonate in every nook and corner giving world another perspective. The video shocked us popping up that it was only one turtle. Who Knows How Many Sea Creatures and Fishes Die of Them Every day!

We presumed these straws villain then – and so up to now.
To save the turtles and other sea creatures, we came up with an idea to Introduce Reusable, Portable and Eco-Friendly Straws, they save not only Marine Life but also the mother earth against billions of plastic straws dumps into the oceans.

Do You Know that Americans Waste 500 Million Straws Daily Polluting Our Oceans?
We at SeaStreams pledge to promote a pollution-free world with Introducing “Reusable Straws” that you no more have to dump into the oceans affecting Marine Life. They cut down our reliance on one-time-use straws, promoting a sustainable environment.

We proudly challenge the enormous plastic industry that plays with the environment putting a huge emphasize on profit. Our Chic Metallic and Reusable Straws is a Humble step towards the plastic free world, which you can easily reuse for sustainable future. By keeping FDA regulations ahead, we have derived them with the finest material using the optimal procedure for a better present too.